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  • ARCHIVE Metal Gear Survive

    ARCHIVE Metal Gear Survive

    Metal Gear is dead and so is my heart. #FucKonami

  • ARCHIVE Day 2: Jonah’s Emo Day

    Day 2. Already, I’ve been more loyal to this than my last girlfriend was to me. Personal life aside, what the hell am I supposed to write for this? I haven’t really thought about what this whole blog is about. I just needed something to do in my spare time. Because, as we all know,…

  • ARCHIVE ‘It’s the Dark Souls of Terrible Analyses’

    ARCHIVE ‘It’s the Dark Souls of Terrible Analyses’

    ‘*Insert Game Title Here* is the Dark Souls of *Insert Genre Here*’ If you play games as much as I do, then you’ve seen this headline on many an article about video games. Crash Bandicoot, Cuphead, Breath of the Wild, so on and so forth. Why? Because these games are hard.   The only thing…

  • ARCHIVE Day 1: Well, We’re Doing This Now

    Day 1 I doubt anyone will read this, but screw it. I’ve got nothing better to do. Let’s try doing a blog. God knows what I’ll do with it. Maybe I’ll talk about the books I’ve been reading, or the games I’ve been playing. Maybe I’ll just ramble like an idiot. Because, you know, I…