ARCHIVE Day 2: Jonah’s Emo Day

hqdefault (1)
Oh Hoo Boy

Day 2. Already, I’ve been more loyal to this than my last girlfriend was to me.

Personal life aside, what the hell am I supposed to write for this? I haven’t really thought about what this whole blog is about. I just needed something to do in my spare time.

Because, as we all know, nothing says ‘time well spent’ like sending your thoughts out into a dark void, where no one will ever find or read it.

In case it wasn’t obvious, I’ve had a bit of a rough day.

But no one’s here to listen to my problems. Hell, no one’s here in general, but if they were, they wouldn’t care. Why should they? This is my 2nd daily post, and my third post in general, and already the I expect the non-existent audience to care about my problems? Of course not. I’m bored, not stupid.

Ah well. Nothing I can do but hope for something better tomorrow.

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