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  • Why I Love Cooking Shows

    I genuinely forgot that this one would be going up on my birthday. If I had remembered, I’d have written an article about how booze is used in movies. But it’s too late now; I guess my rant about drunken romantic comedies will have to wait. Cooking is one of my favorite pass-times. I’m not […]

  • Bone Collection Chapters 1-5: A Bizarre Start

    Bone Collection Chapters 1-5: A Bizarre Start

    *WARNING!! There is going to be a hefty number of spoilers in the review ahead! If you’re even remotely curious about this series, I’d recommend reading the first few chapters before this. You’ve been warned.* Read Bone Collection As long as I’ve been an anime fan, I’ve always been behind the curve. The shows I […]

  • Hollow Knight: The Perfect Metroidvania

    Hollow Knight: The Perfect Metroidvania

    This game even gave me a perfect, easy thumbnail. Can it get any more perfect?! I’ve been working on this review for a while. Partly because this game is fucking hard! But mostly because I’ve had a strangely difficult time getting around to actually playing it! Which is odd, because this game is amazing! There are a […]

  • The Minuteman: A History Lesson in Beating Nazis

    Today, we’re gonna review something short and sweet. Because what could be sweeter than a history lesson about Jewish boxers waging a gang war against the Nazi party? The Minuteman is an extremely short Audible original all about the battle against American Nazis back in the 1930s. It primarily focuses on one Sidney Abramowitz, AKA […]

  • The Social Network: A Movie About… Facebook?

    The Social Network: A Movie About… Facebook?

    If you asked me five years ago if I’d care about a movie about Facebook, I’d laugh in your face and tell you to fuck off. The only reason I watched it the first time was as a joke with my buddies; we all thought “Oh, hah hah, it’s about Facebook, maybe it’ll be so […]