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  • I Finally Watched Breaking Bad (Season 3)

    I Finally Watched Breaking Bad (Season 3)

    Alright! Now we’re cooking with gas! Or… with methylamine, I guess. Despite having left the meth business, things aren’t getting any easier for Walt or Jessie. Skyler has discovered the truth behind Walt’s fortunes, causing a massive divide in their marriage. Jessie, still in rehab after the death of Jane, begins to walk a darker […]

  • I Finally Watched Breaking Bad (Season 2)

    I have split feelings on season two of this show. There’s a ton of stuff in here that I really like. But overall, I think I still preferred season one. Picking up right where season one left off, we see Walt and Jessie get trapped in a deal with a psychotic drug dealer. When that […]

  • I Finally Watched Breaking Bad (Season 1)

    *No spoilers, please! I’ve only seen the first season and episode one of season two up to this point! I want to tackle future seasons as blindly as possible! Thank you! Enjoy the review!* Back in middle school, there were three incredibly popular TV shows I couldn’t escape from. The first was Game of Thrones; […]