Prologue: God’s Witness (Energia: Titans of Verità)

To all of you, for getting this site to over 100 followers. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I hope you enjoy the prologue chapter of Energia: Titans of Verità!

Scott Landis lived his life without purpose. He had tried everything, from art to finances, all to find. But nothing caught his interest for long. No matter how hard he tried, he could never find the spark that brought him to life. It wasn’t until the sky burned that he would finally find what he was looking for.

Distant screams echoed throughout the city between the sounds of shattering glass and tearing metal. Black clouds of smoke blanketed the sky, stealing the light of the two suns and the glow of the emerald sky. The orange glow of rampaging fires illuminated small portions of the mountain of a monster towering before him.

The beast wheeled around slowly, swinging its massive tail in a wide arc. The stone-encrusted whip tore the skyscrapers down as though they were dominoes, leaving only mounds of ruins in its wake. A massive cloud of dust enveloped Scott, hitting him with enough force to send him flying. He shielded his head beneath his arms, curling into a ball in the center of the road.

A deep, ear-shattering screech ran through the air. The monster’s tail effortlessly pushed piles of ruined homes and corpses aside, leaving only a blank stretch of blackened soil as it tore through the metal with its blade-like scales. When Scott finally lifted his head, he found that the entire eastern half of Unity had been wiped away.

Scott covered his mouth, blocking off as much dust as he could before it finally settled. His jet-black hair had been dyed gray, along with the rest of his face and torso. The line of blood that ran down his cheek had been painted black. The cut burned with deep, stinging pain. He could feel his heart hammering against his chest.

This is it, he thought. I’m going to die. The realization brought a strange calmness to his mind. He could feel himself smiling. Have I lost it? he thought as he broke into laughter. No, that can’t be it… Can it?

His hands shot to his ears again as he let out another victorious roar. The very air around him shook violently. He could feel his blood vibrating. For a moment, he feared that his heart would explode.

Silence enveloped him like a blanket of ice. He looked around at the ruins around him, still clutching his ears. Just a few hours ago, this was a towering city filled with life. The black towers had coursed with blue lines of power, enveloping the city in a dim glow. But now it was all gone. All that remained was smoke, rubble and death. Yet he still smiled.

He felt his body shake as the monster moved again. Its massive shell swung to the side as the beast turned, dragging its tail through the rest of the city as it moved and just missing him by a few yards. No, it wasn’t a shell on its back. That was a mountain!

The beast’s body curled down with a loud rumble. The mountain leveled out, rotating from a sharp angle to stand tall and straight. A large, snake-like eye came to shine from the darkness of the monster’s shadow. Its red glow enveloped him as if it were a sunset.

Scott met the beast’s gaze. It met his. His heart went silent in his chest. The pain subsided. Everything went still. At that moment, he stared into the abyss, smiling like an idiot despite the horrors he saw within.

He saw death. He saw power beyond any other. Within the beast’s eye, he could see an inescapable, terrible and dark fate. He saw… divinity! This wasn’t a monster! It wasn’t a demon! No, this was something so much more! This creature… it was God!

God reeled its head up and let out one last roar, proud and victorious. It rose back to its two feet, angling the mountain atop its shoulders once again. Seemingly content, it faced the way it had come not ten minutes ago. Then, with its work done, God took a massive step forward, causing a small earthquake in his wake. With only a few more destructive steps, the titanic deity pushed through the jungle that had surrounded the city and vanished.

Scott Landis stood still for a long time. Voices shouted in the distance, both cries for help and shouts of rescue. After a while, he felt a hand on his shoulder as someone came for him. He could feel their stares of sympathy and horror on his back. A thousand miles away, he could hear someone ask: “Why is Scott smiling?”

He couldn’t blame them. It had taken him a moment to figure it out himself. He could feel it in his chest. There was something inside him that hadn’t been there before. A spark that had quickly grown into a fire, one more brilliant and hot than the one left behind by God. For the first time in his life, Scott Landis had passion.

God had seen him. God had spared him! He had been chosen as God’s new Prophet!

And he had work to do.

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