I’m Killing and Replacing TV Thursday

For the last few months, the Thursday slot has been an odd one for me. Every other day is filled by a topic that I am genuinely passionate about and love talking about. Sure, the posts themselves are of varying quality. But I pour my heart into them, because they’re something I truly love.

That sounds corny, I know. But if I didn’t love what I do, then you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

TV Thursday has been the only one that hasn’t clicked with me. Aside from the two most recent posts to fill the slot, I haven’t felt truly passionate about any of them. I tried to give them all, but I just can’t. They feel disingenuous to me.

There’s good reason for that. Back when I was coming up with things to fill the new schedule, weeks before the original numbered rants ended (which I still need to organize, now that I think about it), I sat at my desk and racked my brain. All I needed was an idea. I already knew what I was doing for every other day, and I was super excited. At the same time, I was exhausted and just wanted the new schedule to be complete.

I think you can see where I’m going. TV Thursday was the idea that popped into my head, as non-animated, non-Japanese TV was a subject that I didn’t really touch on. So I figured, why not? Then I put it on the list and didn’t think twice.

Now I realize that I really should have thought about it twice.

Writing for this slot has been like riding a bike on a steep incline. The hill plunges downwards, only a few steps away from simply being a wall. If I try not pedaling, I still plunge at the speed of sound towards a crash landing. If I do try pedaling, I run out of stamina almost immediately and end up right back to where I started. Either way, I’m crashing into the pavement.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m gonna leap off the bike and onto the (hopefully) soft grass. Then, while the bike falls down the hill like a black car in an action movie, I’m gonna get up, brush myself off, mildly embarrassed, and move on.

Don’t worry. I’m not leaving the Thursday slot empty. I have another idea, one I’m far more excited about then this one. But I’ll leave that as a fun little surprise for next week. For now, I’ll leave today as a little farewell to TV Thursday.

And now I will never look back on it. Not because I hate it. But because I’ll be too busy with the new project, which I’m stoked to share with you guys!

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