Day 364: Looking to the Future (Dawn of the Final Day)

Enough looking at the past. It’s time to look forward.

Tomorrow will mark the 365th Daily Rant. It will be the final numbered rant, and it will mark the final chapter in this chunk of our journey. But the question is: what lies beyond that? Where do we go from there?

Well, I can’t reveal anything specific yet. That will have to wait until tomorrow, when I release the new schedule. With it, I’ll reveal what I’ve got cooking to replace that big number you see at the top of this post.

Now, things aren’t going to change too drastically. In terms of structure, the way these are written will mostly stay the same. However, I do plan on making a few improvements that I feel are necessary.

For one, as eluded to earlier, we’re going to set a schedule. The topics of discussion will no longer be as sporadic as they’ve been up to this point. Now, we’re going to hone in and focus. Not on one specific topic, as there’s still a lot I want to talk about in many different subjects. But now, each day will have a specific topic tied to it. That way, I aim to make it easier to follow and less difficult to hone in on the topics you are interested in while avoiding the ones you don’t care for.

Two: I’ll be expanding the topics of which I discuss. I’ll still be talking about anime, games and movies, but I’ll be touching a bit more on subjects that I equally love but haven’t discussed before. At least not as often or as in depth as I have the other topics on here. I hope you enjoy those as much as I do.

Three: I plan on organizing all the content on this site into easier to find categories. This may take me a while, so bear with me while I put it all together. I’ll be getting that to you as soon as possible.

Fourth and last of all: I’m going to be experimenting with a lot of different things from here on out. Some things may work, and others may not. I ask that you bear with me as I sift through it all.

With that, you guys are all caught up on the broad plans. I’ll be going into more specifics tomorrow, when I start to put these plans into action. Hopefully, the quality of what I give you guys will rise to a whole new standard.

Key word there being hopefully.

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