Day 363: Looking Back on Days 300 to Now (Dawn of the Second Day)

Thus, we come to the present. On our trip through the past, this is our final step. Now all that remains is the future.

The last sixty days of content have been some of the more odd for me. There were plenty of posts that I absolutely loved, such as my series “Plotting the Nintendo Cinematic Universe” or my two discussions on the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. Many of these are among my favorite posts that I’ve ever written.

However, unlike the majority of the posts written back in the 100 or 200 range, I can’t even remember writing many of these. Going back to read them is a treat (for a myriad of reasons), as they’re the least cringe inducing to return to for me. But they feel oddly… alien to me. Like they were written by someone else.

It was in this period leading to now that I realized how stale this format had become. It took a while, but the days were finally starting to blend together. I knew I was writing, and I was very happy in the moment of each posts creation and release. I was even happier when I saw the reception they got. But when the next day came, it was like the previous had been erased from my mind.

By choosing the format I had, I accidentally had created several inescapable flaws. The sporadic nature of the content made it difficult to remain consistent with quality. The slowly escalating number made it more and more daunting just to look at. By it’s design, whether I intended it or not, this style was never destined to last forever. It would be forced to end, or suffer the same fate as something like the Simpsons: crushed by it’s own weight, but too stubborn to end.

I don’t want this to end. I want to be doing this for years to come. As I’ve said before, writing this blog day after day has given me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Without it, I don’t know what I’d become. I don’t just want this to keep going. It’s quite possible that I need it to.

In order to do so, things had to change. And they had to change soon. But they couldn’t change so much that it alienated both myself and the readers that made it worth while in the first place.

Luckily, I believe that I’ve found a way to do just that. It’s time to stop looking at the past. Time to stop the ever climbing numbers. It’s time to look to the future.

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