Daily Rant

Day 360: Returning to the First 100 Days (Dawn of the Fifth Day)

In five days, it’s going to end. The numbered rants will reach their peak and mark a transformation in the future of this blog. Once we hit Day 365, a lot of things are going to change. But the future isn’t here yet, obviously. So until then, how about we take a look back at the past and see how we got here?

The Daily Rants started on the twenty-seventh of February last year with a free site on Blogspot. While I did have a few topics that I wanted to talk about before, mostly as leftovers from previous projects that never took off, I didn’t really know what I wanted to say. All I knew was that I wanted to write for a blog.

Admittedly, I didn’t think much of blogging when I first started. To me, it was just a pass time that built a nice resume to show a publisher. When I first started, I saw this as a stepping stone leading to my dream of seeing a book of my own creation on a shelf in a bookstore.

But over the course of this last year, I’ve come to realize the inherent value of blogging and love the craft. Doing this every day has brought me more genuine joy than I’ve had in years! I’ve made online friends and discovered other blogs which I adore reading through my own.

However, as I said: I didn’t understand what this project would mean to me when I started. Nor did I understand what to do with it. As such, it’s become really hard for me to revisit the earliest days.

Don’t get me wrong. That feeling isn’t anything unique to me. If you ask any artist to go back to their old work, it’s very likely that their response to it will be somewhere between ‘Intense Cringing’ and ‘Sudden Loss of the Will to Live’. Many decide to bury it and delete it, such as by taking down old and uncomfortable videos on YouTube or scrapping old drawings.

But me? I prefer to keep it around. Being able to look back on where I started is a good way to mark where I am now and motivate me to get even better. This is why I will never take the old site down.

The first one hundred days of this blog are almost the polar opposite of what the posts of now look like. The old ones are extremely short, often sitting in the ball park of four paragraphs and fifty words. Sure, they slowly got longer and longer, leading to the range of lengths we have today, but that took a long time to happen.

Looking at it objectively, this is a double-edged sword. On one hand, their short length made these posts easy to read in bulk. On the other, it makes the early posts feel rushed, not thought out, and they poorly communicate the feelings put behind them.

Which was completely true.

Honestly, I don’t think the first one hundred days are any good at all. They set the ground work for what we have now, so I have a hard time forgetting them. I don’t think they’re worth your time as readers, but they’re too important a piece in the history of my life to get rid off. Still, I don’t think my abilities hit their stride until we got into the second hundred.

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