Day 251: The End of the Archives + An Announcement for the Future

And that’s it. It’s over. After roughly four months, every post from the original site is now Archived on the new. From Day 1 all the way up to 128.

Man, these last two days have felt monumental to me. 250 days in the bag, no more Archives to take care of, and most important of all: I’ve finally put the Cursed Child to rest, just as I wanted to before I even started.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to say here. The original site was no treasure trove, not by any means, but I can’t help but be attached to it. I mean, that was where I got my start way back in February. Now I’m finally putting it behind me, and I have little intention to look back.

Though I might if I’m feeling nostalgic.

This honestly feels like moving out of your parents house for the first time. You’ve spent so long there that it feels strange to leave it behind. Even after spending a few months in your new apartment, you can’t help but long for your old home. Having been raised in that house for many years, it feels like it’ll take just as long to tear yourself away from it emotionally.

Even if your new apartment is leagues better than the old house in every possible way.

Still, longing or no, I don’t regret moving over here. While the statistics page on the old site did claim I had a viewership, none of it felt genuine. None of them ever interacted in any way with the content. No hateful comments whatsoever.

And on the internet, that is always a bad sign.

This new site, on the other hand, has a viewership that is genuine. I’ve had small discussions with you guys in the comments, whereas there were no comments whatsoever in the old. Sure, these conversations were short lived, and they don’t happen very often, but they’ve been some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

All because of one simple reason: I got to interact with people.

I don’t write these posts purely because I want to scream into the void of the internet. I honestly enjoy talking to you guys about the topics on hand. Whether it’s a video game, a movie, or an anime, I’ve got to speak to some great and truly intelligent people because of these posts. Hell, a good number of the Archives have sparked some of these discussions.

I know that you guys probably aren’t super excited to see two sappy posts back to back, but I genuinely can’t say it enough. All of you make what I do here worth it. Even when I’m sitting there struggling to find a topic for an hour or two, I can’t help but get excited every time I start to type.

Which brings me to the real purpose of today’s post: a massive announcement. As you have no doubt noticed, that number is starting to get pretty high. And make no mistake, it’s only going to get bigger. But I don’t intend to keep this going forever.

At least, not daily.

So here’s the deal. This blog is not ending anytime soon. I intend to keep doing this for many years to come. However, the whole ‘Daily Rant’ thing simply can’t last forever. I imagine some newcomers to the site could be intimidated by a post titled “Day 1346” or something of a similarly ridiculous degree.

Which is why, on Day 365, the Daily Rants will come to an end. So what comes after that, you ask? Well, from there, the amount of content will drop from daily to weekly. These will include things such as:

  • Weekly anime reviews (including the My Review Academia series, as well as any show that I grow attached to in that anime season)
  • Honest Critiques (I plan on releasing one every week if possible, though I’m not sure on which day they’ll be released)
  • Regular reviews (including recently released movies, video games, or TV shows that catch my interest. These will be the most sporadic thing in the new content list)
  • And whatever the future may hold

Now, aside from avoiding the possibility of an overwhelming number of Dailies, why make this change? Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, I get the feeling that I’ve been flooding the inboxes of my followers, which is probably not the most endearing thing. So when we finally hit that landmark, I think it’ll be for the best to ease up.

The final reason is for me. As much as I love writing these dailies, they can be rather exhausting. I have many things I have to do in my day, from my job to writing for my D&D group to writing books for the future. While I can squeeze them all into my schedule, it can be rather exhausting at times, which I fear can hurt the quality of the content.

And since I have people who will read these things, I feel the need to bring my A game.

Okay. That’s it. There’s the plan for the future, as well as the final day looking into the past. With all of this said, we can finally focus on the present. Now, if you’re getting a little tired of the sappy posts, don’t worry. We’ll get back to the regular content tomorrow.

Thank you all once again for your support, and I hope you have a very lovely day.



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