ARCHIVE Day 128: The End… Of Our Old Site

Original Release: July 13th, 2018

This is it folks. The last piece of content from the original blog. With this, the Archiving journey has come to an end. But that full ramble will have to wait until today’s Daily Rant.

Until then, please enjoy the last post ever written on the original website.

Quick note, we won’t be reviewing Godzilla VS Ghidorah today. This announcement is pretty big, so I figured that the review can wait a few days.

As the title implies, I’m putting an end to our current site. This blog has been a tremendous blast, and writing for you guys has made me extremely happy. However, my ability to actually make this site look nice or grow very far have been sorely lacking due to the restrictions put on by Blogger.

So I’m moving on to a much better blogging service: WordPress.

With WordPress, our new blogging site should look better, function better, and have a much stronger chance of growing. Plus, the domain will be much shorter. That’s right, no more pesky .blogspot in the middle of our URL!


However, it may take a few days for the new site to be ready. So, until the site is all set and ready to go, there will be no more daily posts or reviews. Don’t worry, they’ll be on the site once it’s all set, but until then there will be silence.

Also, in case your worried you’ll have to go back and forth between this site and the new one, don’t worry. I’ll be adding an Archived Posts page where you can find all of the posts within this blog. These will include all 128 daily rants, My Review Academia and Persona 5 The Review posts, and even the shit-posts from the early days! (Oh god those early days…) I’ll also be bringing forward all of the posts on the creative blog, with a few refinements made to those to increase their quality.

Thank you all again for sticking with me, especially if you’ve been here since the early days. I hope to see you on our new site under my new name: Jonah the Writer!

See you guys real soon!


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