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ARCHIVE Day 123: Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla

Original Release: July 8th, 2018

Holy shit, we’re here already?

Now, as much as I love Godzilla VS Megalon, I can still admit that it was a bad movie. Enjoyable bad, yes, but bad nonetheless. This movie is actually really good.

Most of the good in this movie boils down to it’s simplicity. Mainly in the plot: aliens built a Mechagodzilla and disguised him as regular Godzilla, then set him out upon the human race. Godzilla rushes in to stop him, gets his ass kicked, then comes back later with the help of King Caesar, another new giant monster.

Also quick note, the awakening of King Caesar scene is kind of the worst because it’s just some chick singing to him. Then, when the song ends, she starts singing again. It’s easily the lowest point in the movie, and possibly one of the worst moments in the franchise.

But then there’s the rest, which is just really fun and action packed.

Then there’s my favorite part: Mechagodzilla himself.


First of all, his design: it’s rad as hell! Every single part of him looks like it could kill a kaiju in an instant, and I’m always a sucker for the robot version of the protagonist.

Then there’s his arsenal, which includes: missiles in his fingertips, laser eyes, a head that can rotate 360 degrees (even though Godzilla manages to tear his head off later, but forget that) and a lightning blasting chest piece! I don’t care who you are, that shit is awesome!

Plus, he has something that we haven’t seen in the franchise for a long time: intimidation factor! We see Mechagodzilla annihilate Godzilla not once, but twice! And Godzilla had help from another kaiju! Not since the original Ghidorah film has a giant monster pushed Godzilla so far, and it makes the action that much more engaging to watch!

I love this movie. It’s dumb and cheesy as fuck, but it’s still really fun to watch. Plus, it is the final stepping stone before the grand finale of the Showa era (and my third favorite of all the franchise): Terror of Mechagodzilla!

Holy shit, we’re almost done already?

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