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ARCHIVE Day 122: Godzilla VS Megalon (AKA the best one)

Original Release: July 7th, 2018

Holy shit, this movie is a riot.

Let’s go over the three best things in this movie. One: Megalon.


This guy has a pretty fucking rad design. Considering he’s a monster that lives underground, having the drill arms and bug-like body actually do make sense. Plus, he’s just kind of cool looking. Plus, considering that this was my older brother’s favorite monster when we were kids, I automatically have a soft spot for him.

Second: Jet Jaguar.


In the making of this movie, Toho held a contest to design a new monster to take part in the film. Children all over Japan submitted designs, and this is the one that won. I’m actually super grateful it did: this guy is super cool. His design is pretty rad, his ability to shrink in size is fun, and his theme song is my fucking jam. I honestly wish he was in more Godzilla movies, or just movies in general. He would make for a super cool Power-Rangers style series.

Third, and best of all, is this:


This is the best thing to happen in the entire series and you cannot dissuade me to think otherwise even if you held my family at gunpoint.

Watch this movie. Legit, if you love bad movies (oh yeah, this movie kind of sucks by the way) that are so bad that they’re good, you’ll adore this movie.

I know I sure do.


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