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ARCHIVE Day 118: Destroy All Monsters

Original Release: July 3rd, 2018

This is it boys. The big one. Step aside Infinity War, this is the biggest finale in cinematic history!

Shame it wasn’t the finale.

Destroy All Monsters was made to be the last film in the Showa era. At this point, Godzilla wasn’t making as much at the box office as they used to, especially when compared to the original. So, with that in mind, they set out to make this the most explosive film in the history of the series.


They succeeded.

Every monster from the franchise thus far is here, as you can see above. Rodan, Mothra (who is in her larva state again) Ghidorah and all the others are back and ready to throw down.

With buildings. And then Ghidorah. Then they go to Monster Island and all take a nap.

Plot wise, this movie is yet another ‘mind-controlled monster’ movie. Aliens control all the monsters and lay havoc on the city, all while the humans struggle to break the mind control and weaken the seemingly unstoppable fiery monster (which turns out to be Ghidorah). Then, once everyone is free and Ghidorah isn’t on fire, everyone (and I mean everyone) gangs up on Ghidorah and murders him.

Not gonna lie: I feel bad for Ghidorah here.

The final fight in the end was hardly fair. Sure he did some damage, but it is ten on one. Now, this would create a sense of fear for Ghidorah if they did it like his introductory film did. If he took down all ten on them without an issue in the first round, we would feel more terrified of him than ever.

Instead we just get a recreation of my schoolyard days, but with giant monsters.

Seriously, this is like if all the Avengers tackled Thanos and they actually took him down. Sounds kind of anticlimactic, doesn’t it? That’s what we get here. The moment the heroes have the upperhand, they have it so firmly in there that there was no hope for the bad guys to get it back. None at all.

The finale has no tension or excitement here. It just feels like we’re watching kaiju bullying. It’s not even funny, it just makes me feel bad.

Wow. A Godzilla movie made me feel bad. These are my feel good movies, damn it.

Still, this movie was pretty entertaining. The plot built up nicely to the finale, even if the finale was super underwhelming. It really does feel like a finale to a series.

It’s just a damn shame that it wasn’t the finale.

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