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ARCHIVE Day 117: Son of Godzilla

Original Release: July 2nd, 2018

Quick question. Who looked at this?


And thought ‘Yeah, I bet his kid would look like this.’?


Seriously, what the actual fuck was going through their minds? This was the sixties, so maybe they were just on a ton of fucking drugs when they designed him. Who the fuck knows?

Anyways, let’s talk about the actual movie.

Aside from one scene, this movie was actually pretty forgettable. But I will say this: of all the Godzilla movies that actually focus on Godzilla, this one was the best.

Let me explain. A lot of casual Godzilla viewers complain that the movies dwell too long on the human characters and not on the destruction brought on by the monster. I don’t agree with this: in fact, the ones that focus on him are the most boring and unwatchable in the series. This movie was the least terrible of all these films.

It’s also the most oddly human depiction of Godzilla ever. Allow me to explain again: the plot of this movie is all about Godzilla and his son, who was named Minilla by the fans because he never really had an official name, getting closer by overcoming trials. Initially, Godzilla can’t stand the kid. But by the end, they build a genuine family connection.

Holy shit, the plot of the new God of War is just the plot of this movie!

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Anywho, as I mentioned earlier, most of this movie was pretty forgettable. Hell, I can’t even remember which monster they had to fight on their journey. But there is one scene that actually warms my frozen black heart.

The blizzard scene.


Just looking at the image gets my feels going. It also makes me chuckle a bit due to the quality of the suits, but you get the point.

Honestly, I’d recommend this movie based on that one scene alone. Everything else is pretty forgettable and boring, but this makes the whole film worth it. It’s a good heart warmer.

And it’s focused on an abusive dad who also happens to be a giant atomic dinosaur.

These movies are weird.

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