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ARCHIVE Day 116: Ebirah, Horror of the Deep/ Godzilla VS The Sea Monster

Original Release: July 1st, 2018

Wow. I actually forgot this movie existed.

This is a weird one. Primarily because it was originally supposed to be a King Kong movie. Sometime during production, Toho decided that this would be better suited as a Godzilla movie. But here’s the problem:

They didn’t really alter the script to fit it. At all.

For example, in Kong VS Godzilla, they established that Kong could be powered up by lighting (this was done because he was originally going to be Frankenstein. Yes, FRANKENSTEIN almost fought Godzilla. Oh the world we almost had…) which swung the fight in his favor. But now that this is a Godzilla movie, the power became his when the human characters awoke him with a lightning rod. Then there’s the really weird part…

Y’know how Kong has a thing for human girls? Yeah, they gave that to Godzilla in this movie. And… it doesn’t really work. At all. So I’m gonna stop talking about it now and move on.

While the title implies that the movies all about the new villain, Ebirah, it isn’t just between these two. Mothra actually appears in the end to rescue all the human characters. Yes, this is the same Mothra from Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster, who is now a fully grown butterfly Mothra. And once again, he trounces Godzilla and makes him go away, proving that Mothra is a total badass.

But this movie isn’t centered around Mothra, even though he was kind of shoe-horned in there at the end. Ultimately, it is about Ebirah. So how is he?


In case the image didn’t give it away already, he kind of sucks.

After two movies of Ghidorah, having a monster like this is a huge downgrade. While Ghidorah was an intimidating presence that posed a legitimate challenge to Godzilla, this guy is… a giant crab that throws rocks at him. Then, at the end of the movie, Godzilla tears his fucking arms off.

How intimidating.

Honestly, this is one of the most forgettable movies in the entire franchise. Again, as I said earlier, I forgot it even existed until I started this marathon. The action is weak, the special effects are just as strong, and the plot is mediocre.

If you’re a huge Godzilla fan, go check it out. But if you want to skip it… you won’t really miss anything.

Luckily, the next one up is Son of Godzilla. It’s time to back to quality!

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