ARCHIVE Day 113: Mothra VS Godzilla

Original Release: June 28th, 2018

This is my favorite film in all the Showa Era.

Two years passed after King Kong VS Godzilla with nigh total silence for the franchise. Then it came, like a drop of rain in the desert: Godzilla VS Mothra.

Or Godzilla VS The Thing if you lived in the States, but we’re focusing on the Japanese versions.

This was the first Godzilla movie to actually deliver a powerful message since the first movie. Whilst Godzilla Raids Again and King Kong VS Godzilla were simple cheesy fun, Godzilla VS Mothra actually had something to say.

Which any good story should have, but that’s a topic for another day.

This movie is all about the repercussions of greed and how it can destroy you. It’s a simple message, yes, but remember: it was around this point that Godzilla started to become a kids franchise. Plus, a simple moral makes it that much easier to appreciate everything else the movie is doing. And this movie does a lot of good stuff.

For one, this shot.

A giant moth is dragging a gigantic atomic dinosaur across the mountains. That’s amazing! Look at this and tell me you didn’t chuckle!

All joking aside, let’s focus on the primary reason I love this movie: Mothra.


Out of all of Godzilla’s enemies, Mothra is easily my favorite. While Ghidorah is extremely powerful and malicious, and Mecha-Godzilla is a mechanical (and sometimes alien) badass, Mothra is a far more heroic character. She’s kind of like Gamera in a way: she is the ancient guardian of the Earth, and with it humanity, and she fights more using her intellect and chip-away tactics.

Whereas Ghidorah would simply hit Godzilla with all of the force in it’s body, Mothra can’t even attempt that tactic without dying. She attempts to drag him away by the tail (as seen in the clip above) or to blow him away with the power of her wings. This makes all of her fights with the King of the Monsters far more interesting than your typical bout.

Even then, Mothra’s tactics don’t actually work (not the first time around anyways). During their first fight, Godzilla always gets back up and hits Mothra right back. Hell, he even manages to kill her by the end of the movie. It’s actually Mothra’s offspring, the twin Mothra larvae, that defeat Godzilla using hit-and-run tactics at the very end.

They also do all this while protecting a school of Japanese kids, which add a whole layer of tension and excitement to the final battle. Plus…

hqdefault (2)

They’re kind of cute, in a gross kind of way.

Once again, I could continue to go on and on. There’s a ton to talk about with this movie, from the giant egg and how that effects the characters differently to Godzilla rising from the earth (which has never happened before or again) and the special effects that are pretty spectacular considering when this came out. But I’m a busy guy, and I’m sure you have other things you need to do.

But there is one more thing I need to mention. The single best human character in Godzilla history. I am of course referring to…


(I spent thirty minutes trying to find a picture of the dude, but I couldn’t find anything and I lack the necessary tools to make my own. I’m sad now.)

This is easily one of the best Godzilla movies ever made. If you haven’t seen it before, you should absolutely go find it and give it a watch. I assure you, it’s absolutely worth your time.

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