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ARCHIVE Day 112: King Kong VS Godzilla

Original Release: June 27th, 2018

Step aside Infinity War, it’s time for the actual most ambitious cross-over in cinematic history.

After Godzilla Raids Again, the franchise was put on a brief hiatus. A hiatus that lasted seven years. Then, in 1962, we got the third film featuring the King of the Monsters: Godzilla VS King Kong.

This film marked a lot of firsts for the franchise. It was the first film in color, the first cross-over film, and the first film in which Godzilla loses to another monster (yes, King Kong was confirmed to be the winner simply because he was more popular at the time). It also featured the debut of the iconic pagoda building destruction shot which would appear in many later films.

Y’know, this one.


And it’s not just all of it’s firsts that make this movie great. It’s also one of the most entertaining to watch films in the franchise, at least in my opinion. It was well shot and highly energetic, creating the sense that two extremely large and powerful monsters were clashing. It’s a huge step up from Godzilla Raids Again in that regard, and it’s far more entertaining. Especially the final fight scene on Mount Fuji, which features the best attack in the history of the franchise:


Eat your veggies, kids.

Honestly, there’s not a whole lot to say about this movie. It’s entertaining to watch (except for one scene where islanders are singing Kong to sleep for like ten minutes) and it’s a pretty good looking film for it’s era. It was nothing revolutionary, like the original, nor was it a boring disaster like Godzilla Raids Again.

This film is exactly what it needed to be: fun. Simple cheesy entertainment.

But there is one thing that needs to be addressed: this is easily the most iconic film in the West.

This movie was an event. East VS West. Who’s giant monster was the best? Who was the actual King of the Monsters? This movie was Batman V Superman before DC ever even considered making Batman V Superman.

It is also way better than Batman V Superman was, but that’s a topic for another day.

This film sparked a lot of conversation and speculation when the internet rolled around. Take note, the ending of this film is highly ambiguous. So much so that the director had to come out and confirm Kong’s win in an interview years later. But before that came to light, there was speculation abounds. Some people even thought that there were two different versions of the film, one for each monster’s victory.

None of this was true of course, but the fact that it happened was important. This film is easily the most talked about one in all of the U.S. So much so that Legendary Studios, who are currently making a giant monster cinematic universe featuring Godzilla and King Kong, are set to release a remake of it in 2020 or 2021.

About god damn time.

Is this the best Godzilla movie? No. Is it one of them? I’d say so. If you haven’t seen it… fix that. Like, right now. Seriously, stop reading and go find this movie. You won’t regret it, I promise.

See you tomorrow for Godzilla VS Mothra.

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