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ARCHIVE Day 109: Shin Godzilla

Original Release: June 24th, 2018

Damn. We’re nearly done archiving the original site. After we get through a few more Godzilla movies, that’s it. No more. That feels… really weird. And kind of sad, at least for me.

But that’s a topic for the final archive release. For now, please enjoy one of my favorite posts from the original site.

Also, kinda fitting how the post about the scariest Godzilla movie re-releases on Halloween, isn’t it? I just realized that as I was writing this.

I feel like I’ve made my opinion on the Godzilla franchise clear, but just in case: I love these movies. Even the bad movies (except you, 1998) are a ton of fun to watch. From the original 1954 version all the way to 2004’s Final Wars film, I have seen and love every single film in this franchise.

Again, except for you ’98. You deserved what you got in Final Wars.

So naturally, after the pretty alright American Godzilla in 2014 came out and Japan announced yet another reboot of the franchise, my excitement was through the roof.

Then they showed us what the big guy would actually look like.


For those who don’t know much about the Godzilla franchise, let me put this in perspective. Godzilla typically looks like this…


Or like this.


Not exactly the scariest thing in the world, was he?

When I saw what Shin Godzilla would look like, I felt something I’d never felt while watching this franchise: dread. For the first time, I thought Godzilla actually looked frightening.

My excitement skyrocketed. For the first time, I thought we’d get something I never thought we’d see again: Godzilla being taken seriously. Y’know, something that hasn’t happened since the first movie over sixty years ago.

If you really think about it, Godzilla is fucking scary. He’s a gigantic unstoppable monster that defies all the laws of physics just by existing. You can hit him with everything you’ve got, at you won’t even put a scratch on the bastard. He doesn’t care about you or your city, he just walks through your town and everything dies.

The King of the Monsters is kind of frightening. Yet in almost every other film, he’s treated either like a slapstick good guy or a non-intimidating force of nature.

Now look at Shin Godzilla one more time. Does this boy look silly or non-intimidating to you?

When I saw this, there were two things I wanted the movie to do: treat Godzilla like a genuinely scary monster and show people worshiping him like a god (because let’s be real, that’s exactly what people would do if something like him showed up).

Shin Godzilla did both. Which is exactly why it’s the best Godzilla movie ever made.

I could go on and on forever as to why it’s so good. The knock on the flaws of the Japanese government, the unique take on Godzilla featuring both an evolution of his form as well as his iconic Atomic Breath, the Atomic Breath scene (featuring a brand new violet laser version of the legendary attack and the bone chilling ‘Who Will Know’ track), and the ambiguous ending that delivers a powerful message about nuclear power and how we’ll have to live alongside them are all topics that I could fill an entire blog post with.

But this post has been long enough. So I’ll just finish it up by saying this: if you haven’t watched Shin Godzilla, go do so. It’s a spectacular film, and you won’t regret watching it.

Then you can be sad along with me that we’ll never get Shin Godzilla 2.

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