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Original Release: June 15th, 2018

Holy fuck. One hundred days. That’s like… three digits.

Seriously though, this is awesome. I know my audience is small, and hell I don’t even know if they’re consistent. But the fact that anyone reads this crap is amazing to me. Especially if they’ve done so for all one hundred days.

This is the most dedicated I’ve been to something in a while. Sure, we had a brief break, but still! One hundred daily posts! That feels insane to me.

I feel like there should be some big celebration. A commemorative post, maybe a special video or something. But honestly, I got nothing. The day just sort of crept on me. Now I’m totally unprepared for this. Sorry.

Still, I can do one thing: thank you. Be you just here for this one post and never come back again, or if you’ve been around since the start, thanks. Every word of mine you read is enough to earn my gratitude.

So thank you. Thanks for reading my blog.

Here’s to another hundred days!

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