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Day 206: Magic the Gathering

Y’know what’s a good game? Magic the Gathering.

It brings people together in a way that not many card games can do. The competitive scene is intense, and it keeps many game shops in business. It’s run for a long time, and it will for a long time to come.

Y’know what’s a game I could never get into? Magic the Gathering.

I have tried so hard to get into this god damn game, but none of my efforts have born any fruit. I had a friend who plays the game a lot try to teach me back in middle school, and I was bored out of my skull. Granted, he was a poor friend and an even worse teacher, but my point still stands.

His brothers were pretty cool, though.

Getting back on subject, I have tried many times after that to get into it. I’ve watched competitive games, online tutorials, played the video game versions, and nothing has managed to spark an interest. No matter my efforts, the pull of this game simply avoids me completely.

I find this more frustrating than you’d think. Any big pop culture property, be it a series or game, automatically grabs my attention due to my own obsession with such things. This is why there are so many things that I adore, and equally as many things I completely hate. Because I dedicate all my time and energy looking into it, trying to become a fan.

But this game just… doesn’t have that same appeal. So many people love it, and it’s considered the greatest trading card game of all time. I want to love it as much as everyone else does, but I just don’t have fun playing this game.

Can I fix that? Is there some piece to the puzzle I’m missing? Or is it really just not a game for me? I don’t know, and I doubt I ever will.

So I’m just gonna sit down in my closet and play more Yu-Gi-Oh, even though that game has long since gone to shit.

5 thoughts on “Day 206: Magic the Gathering”

  1. If you have a local game store that hosts MTG events, i would try it. There’s many formats that MTG can be played–and unfortunately i don’t believe any are “beginner friendly”, you just have to have a good teacher (if you need someone to help you learn you can ask me!) to help you through a game of commander or such. I was bored out of my mind watching my friends play it until i finally played a game myself, having them help me step by step understand mechanics.

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