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ARCHIVE Day 67: My New Plans

Original Release: May 13th, 2018

After a brief rest brought about due to apartment issues and moving, I figured I’d come up with a schedule for content releases. However, a lot has changed in the… oh god over 100 days since I wrote that post. Put simply: the contents of this post are no longer valid. Feel free to ignore it.

A lot has changed during my break. But one thing I forgot to mention during my rant yesterday is my plans for the future.

Some of you may have watched my YouTube live streams a few times. If so, thank you. But you may have noticed that they stopped recently. Well, I intend to get back into it really soon.

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, my current lineup will have to be put on hold. That means no Bloodborne, no Life is Strange, nor any Stardew Valley until I get that all sorted out. Luckily, I have two things to fill that gap: OBS streaming software and a decently powerful PC.

So what games will replace the current lineup? Well, I have two in mind and a whole lot more on the back burner, but I only intend to reveal one today. It’s a little RPG you may or may not have heard of before.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Game of the Year Edition, to be specific.

So if you tune into my YouTube channel at all (Jernah Blunt) tomorrow, you can catch the first official stream of The Witcher 3! Hopefully all will go well.


Aside from streaming, I will be returning to the usual blogging schedule of daily rants and anime reviews. I’ll try to work in a schedule for the Creative blog, but I’m still working on that. In my down time, I intend to keep planting the seeds necessary for future live streams, and I’m working on a new special project for the blogging side (ooh). And, on the side, I’ll just fuck around on Twitter.

Thank you all for sticking around for me to be able to do this. It means a lot to me. So, as usual, have a lovely day!

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