Daily Rant, Real Talk

Day 187: WE BROKE UP (Gone SEXUAL, not clickbait)

I refuse to apologize for that title. I know it’s one of the most cringe worthy things I’ve ever written, but given the topic, I will not ask for forgiveness. Now, with that aside, let me ask:

Who in the world looks at the ‘Trending’ tab on YouTube unironically?

It is the single most painful thing that I have access to looking at. On the site that became famous for the freedom of it’s creators and it’s ability to propel normal people into success without being gorgeous or famous, the Trending tab is filled to the brim with celebrity talk show host videos, news clips, non-apologetic apology videos and of course: Clickbait.

If you don’t believe me, go see for yourself. Open a new tab, go to YouTube, and click over to the trending tab. If you find a single video that isn’t made by some big TV network or a video about two celebrities breaking up, the congratulations! You checked it out on a good day.

But most likely, you’ll find videos with such thrilling titles as ‘we broke up’ (written in all lower case, just to really emphasize how ‘genuine’ and ‘heartbreaking’ their break-up is) or ‘So-and-So Reacts to Blank’ (because we all know that reaction channels are the pinnacle of good content). And of course: Jimmy Kimmel.

That mother fucker never leaves the Trending tab.

Now, some of the things make sense. Music videos from big artists like ‘Eminem’ and ‘The Gorillaz’ rake in a ton of views, and they’re decent enough in terms of quality to deserve their slot. And as much as I despise the talk show hosts like Kimmel, they bring in the big bucks, so of course YouTube would put them there. But the rest?

I have a little question for YouTube. Do you guys have a department dedicated for quality control on the Trending tab? Because if you do, they are doing a terrible job.

Why is it so hard for genuinely good content to be put on trending? Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 60 got several million views in a single day for each of it’s three parts, and none of them ended up on Trending. Meanwhile, yet another terrible ‘we broke up’ video posted by a pair of nobodies ended up on there.

No one cares that you and your boyfriend don’t want to plow each other anymore. We come to this website for content created by people who are passionate about something. This website was built off of the work of people who have spent hundred of hours in front of their computer, editing a passion project that they wanted the world to see. It was not built by two lazy fucks who want to earn quick fame by bitching about their ex right to their face.

Petty drama is not content. It is not entertaining. It does not deserve a spot on Trending. But because they bring in the big bucks for YouTube, they keep getting the spot. Meanwhile, videos created by passionate artists with no other way to release their product are drowned out and forgotten about, even though they get more than enough views to be put on a pedestal that would get them the extra views that it deserves.

This just makes me sad. It’s physically painful for me to see people who work hard enough to earn their success get left by the wayside because some fuck boy made a five minute Vlog about how some guy punched his stupid mug. Hard work and passion is being stomped out by lazy, petty drama.

Ugh… I don’t know why I bother. Soon enough, good content may simply not exist on YouTube anymore. Or maybe we’ll be lucky and YouTube will finally get their shit together and double down on quality control.

But I highly doubt that.

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