Real Talk

Why Day 62 Shall Remain Un-Archived

Now, I know I promised I’d archive every post from the previous blog. However, Day 62 is an important exception.

See, with the original site, I was incapable of monetizing any of the content. As such, I was far more open with the things I talked about. One of these things was a sort of farewell letter to a friend of mine from high school, who had recently passed at the time of the post.

This new site, however, is a very different beast. Unlike before, I can monetize the content on this site. And the last thing that I want to monetize is something regarding the death of another person, especially not a friend.

To monetize something as monumental and important as that is, to me, one of the most scummy and terrible things I could do. Not only is that despicable and greedy, but it’s completely insensitive, cruel and straight up evil. To do something like that would stain this blog forever. I want this site to be a fun creative outlet, and I do hope to have it be something I can earn money from.

But if I’m earning money by exploiting a friend who is no longer with us, then I don’t want to be earning anything. I don’t deserve anything. At least not anything kinder than a smack to the face, a place in whatever hell may exist, and a forever dead career. So the original Day 62 post shall forever remain on the old site. I won’t link to it, as I feel that defeats the point of not archiving it.

Thank you all very much for your time. Have a nice day, and remember:

Cherish the time you have with those around you. Because you don’t know when that may end.

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