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ARCHIVE Day 61: A Friendly Reminder

Original Release: 4/21/18

Much like the prior post Two Weeks Notice, this one is entirely of it’s time. This was written exclusively as a warning for the break in content; a break that will not be repeated. If you elect to ignore this slice of my personal history, I won’t argue.

-Current Jonah

Today’s post will be really short, so I’ll get right to the point.

I just need to remind you guys that, in one week, I’ll be taking a week break from blogging. From the 5th to the 12th, I’ll be taking a rest for personal reasons. I apologize, but I feel it’s necessary.

If you’re worried that this is the only thing you’ll get today, don’t worry. I’ve still got the reviews for the new My Hero Academia and Persona 5: The Animation episodes coming later, so stay tuned for those. They should go up at the same time somewhere around 9 PM tonight, so I hope you enjoy those.

As usual, thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

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