ARCHIVE Day 60: The Best Marvel Hero

Original Release: 4/27/18

Well, I’m still on a Marvel kick, so let’s talk about the best superhero…


I love Deadpool. The first movie is my favorite film of all time, the Deadpool Kills Marvel storyline is easily my favorite comic series, and I played through the entire Deadpool game simply because it’s Deadpool (let’s be real, if it were anyone else, we all would’ve ditched that game).

But my question is this: is Deadpool, contrary to what he says, a hero?

Yes. And no.

See, in so many stories Deadpool technically does good things. Sure, he does them in horrible violent ways, but he does a fair amount of good. For example, there’s a one-off story where Deadpool fights Carnage, culminating in him sending Carnage back to prison. He saved Death and defeated Thanos (yes really), helped Rogue defeat Red Skull in the precursor story to Nazi Captain America (hell, without Deadpool they would’ve lost), and has gone into hell to rescue Spiderman (granted, he was the one who sent him there, but he fixed it, right?).

Now granted, Deadpool is still an undeniable anti-hero. He does good things, he does bad things, and he’s always (and I do mean always) ready to pop a cap in someone. Doesn’t matter if they’re on his side or his enemies, he’s willing to kill someone at any moment.

So is Deadpool a hero? Yes and no. Is he a villain? Yes and no. He is the penultimate example of an anti-hero.

Plus, let’s be real, the Deadpool movie was the best comic book movie of that year, and I’d be willing to bet Deadpool 2 is the same way. Sorry Infinity War/Venom/Ant-Man and the Wasp/A billion animated Batman movies/ whatever other garbage is coming out this year.

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