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ARCHIVE Day 55: Evading Blame and Becoming a Better Person

Original Release: 4/22/18

So, quick story from my day to day life here. This isn’t me complaining, it’s me bringing up a topic of conversation.

A bomb just dropped in my apartment when my parents met my roommates.

Quick bit of context, my roommates aren’t exactly the most… cleanly people. They’ll keep their spaces clean, but the problem is: they live in our living room, which they don’t keep clean. There are empty cans everywhere, the pantry is full of garbage, and the floor is in dire need of a sweeping and a mopping.

My parents found this disgusting.

Again, not complaining. Just giving context to the story that’ll act as the basis for today’s rant.

Naturally, of course, my parents got a little… explosive. They took one look around and started shouting at them to get their shit together. Then, feeling personally attacked, my roommates started shouting back. Now even angrier, my parents started shouting more. That’s when the back and forth started. This kept going until my parents decided it wasn’t worth it and went home. After this, my roommates started complaining to my sister and I, claiming that none of the mess was their problem.

This brings me to today’s topic: avoiding the blame.

Here’s the thing people: we aren’t perfect. No one is. It’s impossible. We all have flaws, and we always will be.

The thing is, you’ve gotta be able to admit it.

Take my two roommates, for example. After being called out on for their mess, they started trying to defend themselves, their choices, and evade the blame. This isn’t helping. This won’t make my parents stop yelling at you. It will only keep the problem alive.

Hell, it’ll only make it worse.

In order to improve as a person, you need to be able to look at your problem and find a solution. If you can’t do that, you’ll go nowhere. Why do you think drug addicts stay addicted? Because a good number of them can’t admit that they have a problem. Some may not even know that it’s a problem.

Let’s look at me for an example, just to be fair. Back in school, I didn’t do a lot of my homework at home. I’d do what I could in the classroom, then never touch it again. Then I’d pass the class with mediocre grades. This happened every year for six years until I graduated. I never excelled because I couldn’t be bothered. I never looked at my lack of effort as a problem and thus tried to fix it. I never cared.

The point is, evading blame and making excuses will not improve anything. You’ll just end up stuck in a never ending loop of your own problems.

I’m also calling out my roommates for being morons, but they’ll never read this anyways.

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