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ARCHIVE Day 49: Perspective

Original Release: 4/16/18

One of the most important aspects of a story is the villain. Every story has a villain. Deku has to fight Shigurake. Luke must confront Darth Vader. I have to deal with a pair of shitty roommates.

But what makes a good villain?


The very existence of good and evil is up for debate. For example, while I think my roommates are evil because their loud complainers who make a huge mess, they may think I’m evil for poking around their stuff in my futile attempts to clean up. (Alright sorry, I’ll drop it).

The point is, it’s all about perspective. There are no good guys, no bad guys, and no one is in the middle. These boundaries are defined by who’s telling the story.

Why do you think the Nazi’s are always portrayed as pure evil in the history books (aside from, y’know, the mass genocide of the Jewish people)? Because they lost. Do you want to know what the Brits teach in regards to the Revolutionary War? That America was a bunch of assholes who disrespected their government and fought to gain a foolish independence.

See? Perspective. A funny thing, isn’t it?

Amazing how people forget that everything you’re taught isn’t necessarily fact, but mostly just someone’s unique perspective. And there’s no such thing as a wrong perspective.

Unless it’s flat-earth. That’s just wrong.

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