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ARCHIVE Day 47: Human’s are Selfish, and That’s Okay

Original Release: 4/14/18

There are Seven Deadly Sins of man that’ll lead all of us to hell. We have Wrath, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Pride, Sloth and Greed. But of all of these, Greed is easily the most common.

Ultimately, we as a species are fixated on our own survival and pleasure. We work for hours every day to earn the money to afford what we want. Come days like Black Friday, we claw and push through crowds of other people just for a money-saving deal. So on and so forth.

But honestly, I think that’s okay. Obviously you shouldn’t spend your life kicking others out of your way, but ultimately, it is your life. Living it for others is going to get you nowhere. If you live in a shit apartment and refuse to move out because your roommate is depending on you, then you’ve just stuck yourself in a trap.

Live life for you. Not for anyone else. Just be sure to find the balance between giving and taking.

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