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ARCHIVE Day 41: Following and Commenting

(Original Release 4/8/18)

(Note from current Jonah: You’re about to read the desperate plea of a younger man who was desperate for any sort of feedback on the original site. If you enjoy a good cringe, feel free to keep reading. If you’re not in the mood, than just move on. I leave the choice to you.)

Oh god I’m about to do this.

On the internet, there is an unspoken rule: don’t read the comments. And here I am, asking people to comment on my blog.

I know. I’m a smart man.

But I do want to know what people think about my content. I think it’d be fun to start a discussion with my ramblings, instead of them just… fading into the darkness of the web to never be thought about again.

Well, they will be anyways, but you get the point.

My point is, I do want to see this grow. I want to talk to you guys, and to have people consistently coming back. So please, feel free to comment down below or to follow me on Google+.

Or don’t. I’ll live either way. I don’t intend to stop.

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