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ARCHIVE Day 39: The Seinfeld Approach

(Original Release 4/6/18)

After thirty-nine days, I think I’ve finally figured out just what kind of blog this is.

It’s a blog about nothing.

No direction, no real consistency, just whatever pops into my head for the day. I do what I can to make my thoughts clear and at least somewhat fun or interesting to read. But that’s it. Just… trying. Which is all I can do.

Honestly, I’m okay with what this has shaped up to be. Sure, it’s nothing huge, but I predicted that. It’s just so much damn fun. It’s kind of like the sitcom Seinfeld in that way. It’s a show about nothing. Just whatever popped into the writer’s head for that episode.

The difference is that Seinfeld was huge, funny, and people loved it.

But Jerry Seinfeld did go on to make the Bee Movie, so what does that tell you?

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