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ARCHIVE Day 35: Put the Controller Down, Player One

Note: I really shouldn’t have written this post. When I did, I had forgotten that I had fallen asleep during the film (primarily due to exhaustion) during my first viewing. Feel free to call me out for my bullshit in the comments, I deserve it.

Ready Player One’s movie adaptation just came out in theaters and… it’s okay. Not great, not terrible, just okay.

It has some great visual effects, really exciting action scenes, and a genuinely interesting mystery (at least when they’re in the Oasis searching for Haladay’s Egg). But it suffers deeply from forgettable characters, poor dialogue, and a horribly dull dystopia in the real world.

So yeah. It’s a typical teenage dystopia, much like Hunger Games, Divergent and Maze Runner. But this one has video games!


I was about to ask why this one was so popular, but I think I just figured it out.

Are we really that easy to swindle?

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