ARCHIVE Day 33: Incomplete

Remember this garbage? Well, this was written shortly after it came out. Man, a lot of my posts are super dated, aren’t they?

Time completes all things. But some people aren’t patient enough to let time take it’s course.

This ranges from something as small as removing a baked good from the oven because your so excited to eat it, to showing your friends a drawing that your super excited about that you haven’t finished yet. Humans are impatient creatures.

And no where is that more apparent than with Rare’s newest game, Sea of Thieves.

Playing the game, it’s painfully obvious that it’s still incomplete. Given, you know, how there are only three quest types, no progression system, and two types of enemies (one of which you’ll probably never even see) along with a painfully empty over world.

This game is sixty dollars, by the way.

The story here is painfully obvious. Microsoft realized that they’ve got a best seller on their hands, so they pushed hard with advertising and special systems and all that, all while putting tremendous pressure on Rare’s developers. Then, because they were seeing dollar signs, they pushed for a release date earlier than the game could handle.

In layman’s terms, they pulled it from the oven a few minutes too early. And for those who do frequent baking, you know a few minutes is the difference between life and death for your pastry.

Sea of Thieves is not complete. Because of this, no one will be around to care when the actual substantial updates start rolling around to fix it. It’s No Man’s Sky all over again. It’s No Man’s Sea.

The most sad thing is, there’s so much potential here. This is easily one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played, the music is great, and for the initial first hours it is really fun. It’s just a damn shame that it doesn’t maintain that fun.

If Microsoft gave this game more time, it could’ve been a master piece. Instead, it’ll be just another passing ship in the sea that everyone will forget about.

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