ARCHIVE Day 31: Video games make me want to do all the violence… that’s how that works, right?


Because people love to backtrack a few years and focus on the same dumb issues over and over, news outlets once again are throwing violent video games into the hot zone. Yeah, we haven’t been over this already a thousand times. And this time, the new target is Fortnite. A lot of news sites are tearing it apart for ‘being too addictive’, and being ‘too violently competitive’.

Never seen this before.

Have we not learned from the past here? We’ve been over Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Hatred, and so many more. Are you fucking serious, guys?

Here’s the thing, paranoid parents. Kids are smart. Kids realize that violence is bad. They play the games for many reasons, but often times its for an escape from their anxiety and stress filled lives. Video games are often a healthy escape from these feelings.

Trust me, I know.

Now, people can be addicted to games. But they’re not gonna go shoot up a school because they played Call of Duty. Believe it or not, but not everyone who plays these games is a violent psychopath. The actions of the person are not affected by the game.

My point is, all these media outlets are talking out of their ass. They have no evidence, just paranoid ‘points of argument’ that don’t mean shit. It’s a sad joke.

I don’t have anything even remotely funny to say. This is just sad.

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