Daily Rant, Real Talk

Day 150: The Big 1-5-0

Holy shit, there are as many daily rants as there are Gen 1 Pokemon. Excluding Mew; that’s tomorrow.

That’s excluding everything else, too. The My Review Academia and Persona 5 The Review Posts would add roughly 34 on top of that, and the shit posts from the early days would add about another five. So, in actuality, we’re around 190 but whatever. This is about the Daily Rants themselves.

150 in, and we’re still pretty small. But you know what? That’s fine. It’s not like I have any intention to stop. Maybe we’ll grow much larger by the time we hit 300.

But that’s not for another 150 days.

I just wanted to dedicate this post to thanking you guys for reading. However infrequently, however long, the fact that you’ve given time to reading any of this means the world to me. I hope you’ll stick with me for the future as we grow more and more.

Unless I hit fuck-it and quit. Whichever happens first. Though I doubt that’ll happen anytime soon.

See ya guys later!

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