ARCHIVE Day 27: Farewell, Dragon Ball Super

To put into context how dated this post is, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has started airing and we finally have more details on the new DBS Movie, which is starring Broly (to my great dismay). So enjoy this little time capsule from the day DBS ended.

Friends. A great tragedy has befallen us.

After 131 episodes, Dragon Ball Super has ended.

It had it’s ups and downs, I’ll admit. The Battle of Gods and Resurrection F Arcs (you know, the first two arcs of the entire new series) were pretty fucking abysmal. Suffering from piss poor animation, lazy rehashing of the material used in the movies, and dull fight scenes. It’s pretty poor for about twenty five episodes.

All except for episodes one and two. Those two episodes are great and I’ll fight you on this.

Luckily, we got the Universe 6 and Goku Black arcs after this, and while they aren’t super fantastic, they are a hefty step up from the two prior. They added new characters, story elements, and Goku Black even brought back a fan favorite character with Future Trunks (my personal favorite character) and Vegito. They aren’t wonderful, but they’re still fun and feel very Dragon Ball.

Then we got the Tournament of Power, the final arc of Super and (at least in my opinion) the highest point of the show. Featuring a whole slew of new characters along with returning characters, like Android 17, Tien, Master Roshi and even Freeza (I prefer the Japanese spelling because I hate the stupid I that’s in there for no reason). It had a whole slew of awesome fight scenes, a whole new transformation for Goku and a kinda new form for Vegeta, and a dramatic increase in animation quality. Now, it does suffer from varying quality in terms of the storytelling, a poor villain in Jiren, and a lack of tension because we all know how it’ll end. Still, it’s still really fun to watch and has some of the best Dragon Ball moments in the history of the series.

Plus, the Ultimate Battle song (or as some people call it, the KA KA KA KA KACHIDAZE adrenaline drug) is the greatest anime track since My Hero Academia’s You Say Run.

Now, why am I ranting about this? Well, because the Dragon Ball license has a very special place in my heart. It was my first true gateway into Anime, which lead to me making several friends that I never would’ve made before and growing closer to several I already had. It inspired me to work harder to achieve my dreams, and the sheer entertainment helped me smile in times where I couldn’t bring myself to. To me, characters like Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, hell pretty much all of them feel like friends that I couldn’t live without. They’ve become a massive part of my life.

Now, the end of Super doesn’t mean the end of Dragon Ball. We’ll be getting an all new Dragon Ball Super movie sometime this year, and we just got Dragon Ball Fighterz last month. The franchise is still going strong, even with it’s most recent televised run coming to a close.

I’m more writing this as a sort of ‘See you later’ to the Dragon Ball license. A fond gesture, as well as an invitation to come back later. Because in the end, I do still want more Dragon Ball. I never get sick of seeing Goku and the others, having fun and struggling to protect the Earth against progressively stronger foes. And luckily for me, I won’t have to see it truly end anytime soon.

So farewell, Dragon Ball Super. Until we meet again.

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