Daily Rant

Day 148: Smash Bros Direct 8.8.18

Oh my fucking god, there’s so much cool shit in this direct! We got five new characters (only three of which were ‘Echo’ characters) including SIMON FUCKING BELMONT and King. K. Rool (can you guess which one I’m more excited for?). We also get a few more new assist trophies, which include the only character I truly wanted as a playable: Shovel Knight.

Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna go cry in the corner with my Bomberman and Shovel Knight plushies.

We also got a few new game modes, a couple new stages (which include Dracula’s Castle) and a few gameplay tweaks. For example, every single stage in the game (which is one hundred, by the way, not counting Battlefield, Big Battlefield and Final Destination and all of the Omega variations) is now compatible with 8-Player Smash, and the stamina mode (which makes it a regular fighting game but with Smash gameplay) is now a basic mode.

Also stage transitions. Yeah, you can make it so the stages switch mid-battle. It’s awesome and I’m super excited to fuck around with it.

There’s so much here to talk about that I could be here all day. Classic mode is no longer RNG, as each character has a set path of fights and bosses. There are a ton of new items, Pokemon and Assist Trophies that range from scary to hilarious (holy shit Alolan Exeggutor is the best thing ever).

Before we go, I’m just going to bullet point all the things that I’m excited for. They are:

  • Simon Belmont and Dracula’s Castle stage
  • Dark Samus as an Echo Fighter (Clone I know, but more Metroid is not a bad thing for me)
  • King K. Rool (I’m not a huge DK Country fan, but it’s nice to see more Donkey Kong stuff nonetheless)
  • Monster Hunter stage looks cool (I still need to try getting into Monster Hunter)
  • Ludicrous amount of stages don’t need to be unlocked (I’m mildly disappointed that I don’t need to work for them, but considering that I’ll have to work for the characters, I can’t be mad)
  • Customization options through the god damn roof (for game modes and rules)
  • Rules don’t reset when you turn off the game (it only took five games…)
  • Classic Mode is no longer RNG (I’m a completionist, so knowing that I can actually strategize and practice against a set list of enemies is extremely helpful)
  • Stage Transitions (again, they look cool and fun)
  • So… Much… Music… (over 900 tracks)
  • Being able to listen to music while Switch is portable/sleep mode (cumbersome yes, fun also yes)
  • Alolan Exeggutor and Mimikyu (all the new Pokemon look cool, but I’m a sucker for these two)
  • Alucard (AKA my Castlevania husbando), Zero, Knuckles and Gray Fox as Assist Trophies (all of them look cool, but these four in particular look rad)
  • Stamina mode no longer restricted to Special Smash
  • All stages being 8-Player compatible

There’s a whole lot more, but I’ll stop there. I do have other things I need to do today.

I’m so fucking excited for this game! Everything I see only makes me more hyped than I was before! Yes, I know I’m setting myself up for disappointment, but I have faith that Nintendo won’t let me down.

Come on. It’s Smash Bros for god’s sake.

I just want it to be out already…

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