Daily Rant

Day 147: The Room AKA The Best Movie Ever Made, and Tommy Wiseau AKA A Living Legend

Taking a break from EVO talk and moving back towards movies, today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite movies: The Room.

For those who haven’t heard of it, The Room is widely considered to be one of the best bad movies of all time. Everything, from the script to the acting to the sets themselves are just… awful. So awful, in fact, that they leap right back around to being amazing.

Yeah, when you think of ‘It’s so bad it’s good’, the first movie that comes to many people’s minds (and mine especially) is the Room.

Now, while the movie itself is a fascinating and hilarious piece of art, there’s one aspect of the film just as interesting if not more so than the movie itself: the man who created it. That man is the one, the only, the mysterious and wonderful Tommy Wiseau.

This man is a walking enigma. His accent is impossible to place, his origin is a complete mystery, and his riches are both deep and devoid of an obvious source (at least it was before the movie came out). Plus, the man’s acting performances are so… entertainingly bizarre that it becomes infinitely more memorable than pretty much any performance I’ve ever seen. His optimism is infectious, and his smile even more so.

I find him both inspiring and fascinating.

If you haven’t already and you have a passion for the Room, I highly recommend you read a book called the Disaster Artist, written by Greg Sestero (AKA Mark in the Room) and Tom Bissell. It gives some truly interesting insights into both the making of the movie and who Mr. Wiseau is as a person. It’s also just a really fun read.

I may have read it about three times now.

Anyways, in this book we get some insight as to the struggle Tommy experienced trying to get into the acting world. Other people always turned him away, telling him he couldn’t do it. Did any of that stop him?

Ha! No!

Tommy has the courage of a fucking lion. He is fearless, always willing to jump on stage or in front of a camera and give a heartfelt performance. His utter lack of fear and his passion towards his work are super inspiring to me.

I also find him incredibly interesting. His history is a complete mystery, with the only clues we have being vague statements made by Tommy himself. His age, work and childhood are a complete enigma. He is a walking puzzle, and the only person who knows how to put it all together is Mr. Wiseau himself.

Oddly enough, I don’t actually want to solve the mystery of Tommy Wiseau. That would spoil some of the fun for me, and it would eventually become a breach of privacy for him (and according to the Disaster Artist, he very much appreciates his privacy) that I don’t want to take part in.

Instead of focusing solely on solving the mystery, I’ll simply savor it. There are few things in the world more fun to me than watching the Room (again) and wondering ‘What was going through this man’s mind when he wrote this?’.

I’ll then remember that I don’t care and begin laughing my ass off again.

Both the Room and Tommy himself aren’t just mysterious, but they have an incredible ability to bring people together. People host screenings of it even now, fifteen years after the movie’s initial release. And with the somewhat recent release of the film version of the Disaster Artist, interest in the Room has only increased further more once again.

I love this movie, and I love everyone involved in making it. I’ll probably be back later down the line to talk about it again, focusing on discussing certain scenes or bits of history regarding the film. No matter how much time passes, I will never stop loving this film.

I’ll see you again once Best F(r)iends Part 1 comes out on DVD!

Until then, enjoy life!

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