Daily Rant

Day 146: Fighterz Just Got Cooler… I’ll see myself out…

So, this happened.

download (1).jpeg

During EVO yesterday, Bandai Namco released a new trailer for Fighterz. This trailer started by flushing out the upcoming releases of base form Goku and Vegeta by recreating the Saiyan arc in the game (which was awesome, not gonna lie). Halfway through this trailer, however, we got a surprise reveal:

Cooler, the non-canonical brother of Freeza (I refuse to spell it Frieza) will be joining the roster as the second-to-last DLC character.

Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about this. One the one hand, I do enjoy Cooler enough as a villain. Sure, he’s a pale shadow of Freeza (who is both my favorite villain and my main in Fighterz) but his unique Super Shredder final form and color scheme are enough to set him apart from his brother. Plus, his move-set looks both brutal and unique.

Unfortunately, this means that the leaks that happened shortly after the games release are all but confirmed now, which means the final character to be joining the roster will be Android 17 from DB Super’s Tournament of Power Arc.

Which means we won’t be getting the best character in all of Dragon Ball history: Mr. Satan.

Damn it.

Still, I am more excited than I am disappointed. The first Cooler movie, while kind of forgettable compared to some of the other films, is still one of my personal favorite Dragon Ball movies, and this character does look pretty rad. Besides, considering how successful Fighterz has been, it wouldn’t make much sense not to see a sequel.

Maybe then we’ll get our true champion.


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