ARCHIVE Day 23: Simplicity is Bliss


Ever now and then, we need something easy to digest. Something that doesn’t challenge our understanding of reality, or make us wonder what is truly good or evil. Sometimes we need a story that’s simple: a clear good guy, clear bad guy, and easy to understand arc.

That, I think, is the appeal of the original Star Wars trilogy and the Indiana Jones movies. They’re not horribly complex. They’re just simple stories about young men on adventures. Be those adventures to collect an ancient treasure or to save the galaxy from pure evil, they’re not super complex. And they don’t need to be because they’re so well executed.

Another good example is the hugely popular My Hero Academia. Sure, it has it’s thought provoking moments, but overall the plot is pretty easy to understand. A young man wants to be a hero but can’t becuase he doesn’t have a power. He then meets his idol, proves his heroic worth to him, and is given his power so he can be the next deterent against evil. He goes to a school for heroes, where he begins to master his new powers. Simple, clean, and insanely fun.

Not everything needs to be Interstellar or Ghost in the Shell (the anime version, not the shitty live action version) all the time. It’s okay to provoke thought, or to deliver a powerful message. But sometimes you need to cleanse your pallet with something easy.

Just a shame that reboots keep ruining them all.

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