Daily Rant, Godzilla-Thon

Day 142: Godzilla Planet of the Monsters

You know how tons of Godzilla moments feel like they came ripped straight out of anime? Well, this is the first movie where Toho thought “Why don’t we go all the way and make an anime Godzilla movie?”

And then we got this movie and the next two sequels.

This movie is pretty good. It takes the sci-fi angle the series has become somewhat known for and cranks it up to eleven, the animation is pretty solid (especially for a Japanese CGI movie) and the story is pretty cool and unique.

Let me explain. In most movies, it’s all about humans protecting their home when Godzilla appears for the first time. Sometimes they’d have to fight aliens too, but they were never the primary threat. Meanwhile, in this movie, it’s all about humans and aliens teaming up to defeat Godzilla and take the Earth back. Also the Earth evolved to be hospitable to Godzilla and all Godzilla-like creatures, thus making the planet deadly to all other lifeforms.

Yeah. Godzilla has already won by the beginning of this movie.

You heard that right, this movie’s plot is basically just Attack on Titan but with Godzilla instead of creepy giant naked people (so better, if you ask me). Hell, even the main character is just an Eren Jaeger copycat, having sworn at a young age to destroy Godzilla after he destroyed his parents.

But none of that matters. It’s alright, but it’s not the coolest part of this movie. The coolest part is Godzilla himself.


His design is reminiscent of Godzilla 2014 in a good way. They also give him some of the coolest lore he’s ever gotten. After conquering the planet, he just continued to live for the entire time the humans were off the Earth, which was multiple thousand years, and kept growing larger and more powerful.

This is the single largest and strongest Godzilla in the history of the franchise. This is further confirmed in the next movie, where they say his Atomic Breath (which they don’t call atomic breath but whatever) could breach the atmosphere and destroy the human ship.

But that’s not nearly as cool as creating a huge shock wave just by yawning.

Overall, I’d say this movie is pretty good. The animation is solid, the characters are reasonably interesting, and Godzilla is fucking rad as hell. Anime has treated Godzilla reasonably well, if you ask me.

That is, until the next movie in this trilogy. But we’ll get to that tomorrow for the FINALE of the Godzilla-Thon!

See you then!

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