ARCHIVE Day 19: The Green Leprechaun Drinking Day

Bonus points to you if you know what movie this is from.

The results of last nights experiment are in, and…

They were pretty underwhelming.

So instead of talking about those, let’s talk about Saint Patrick’s Day! Y’know, that one holiday with the leprachaun that elementary schools banned because of the pinching but adults love because they have an excuse to drink their sorrows away? AKA Irish racist day?

Question: did anyone remember it this year? Or how about last year for that matter?

I remember a time in my youth when Saint Patrick’s Day was an event. Schools would turn it into one big party, with cookies and everything, and if you didn’t wear green, you were fucking ostracised and left in the corner to nibble on your cheetos because you didn’t get a cookie.

Sorry. Childhood PTSD.

Hell, even in high school it was still pretty big. People would wear huge extravagant costumes with so much green that you’d think you were in your car smoking a certain medicinal leaf. It was mostly the teachers, but the students refused to be out done. It was a wierd time.

Now what have we got? Nothing. No fanfare, no green, no drinking after work. Just… nothing. It feels like the holiday has ceased to exist.

So what happened? Did I just get older and stop paying attention? Did the world stop caring? Did the Irish just cease to be? Or did everyone just realize that having a holiday centered around green and leprachauns was kind of annoying?

Oh well. I guess I’ll just stick to my Strawberry Shmiggles.

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.

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