Daily Rant, Godzilla-Thon

Day 136: Godzilla VS Megaguirus

Holy shit, I forgot this movie existed! I thought the next one was Giant Monsters All Out Attack until I found my DVD copy of this sitting between 2000 and that! Good lord, how’d I forget?

Oh yeah, cause this movie is pretty forgettable.

As you may have caught on by now, I primarily focus on two things when talking about these movies, as these posts are not reviews. Firstly, I talk about the monsters themselves and whether or not I like their designs or think they’re effective. Secondly, I talk about what the movie added to distinguish itself from it’s peers in the rest of the franchise. Be it with a stupid scene that made me laugh or doing something that would change the course of the series, I discuss it all.

This movie doesn’t really have this.

Even the primary enemy, Megaguirus, is super forgettable, both in design and content.


While the whole ‘evil prehistoric super dragonfly’ thing is certainly new, his whole design feels derivative of Battra, and his whole thing of slowly evolving from a cluster of smaller monsters into a massive single threatening monster feels stolen from Destroyah. He does almost nothing new to add to the franchise or distinguish himself.

I actually thought for a second, looking at the cover, that this was a Godzilla VS Battra movie, and I got excited for a second.

Still, lack of memorability aside, this movie is okay. It’s certainly fun to watch, and the advanced parallel universe setting is pretty interesting. But it’s bogged down by how derivative of the rest of the franchise it really is.

Skip it or see it, you’re not missing much.

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