ARCHIVE Where’s Day 13?


Before we get to day 14, let’s get a few things out of the way.

First, I must apologize for my lack of a Day 13 post. Due to my own work schedule and stupidity, the daily post had slipped past me. I’ll due what I can in the future to avoid making this same mistake in the future, but right now, all I can do is apologize.

Secondly, in lighter news, we have passed over 100 total views on the blog! This doesn’t seem huge in today’s internet, but to me this is a major milestone. Whether it actually be 100 seperate people or just the same few guys coming back again and again, I can’t thank you enough. Here’s to another 100.

And finally, a general update. Due to my increases work schedule, the release times of my posts will continue to be more sporadic than I would like. However, I am shooting for 3:00 PM at the earliest with at least one post per day. Not all posts will be within this time frame, of course, but I will try to keep them around that time. If push comes to shove, they may come out way ealier than that. Hopefully one day my schedule will be consistent enough for me to have a designated release schedule for my posts.

Thank you guys again for sticking with me and my bullshit so far. See you later with the release of Day 14. Have a lovely day!

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