Daily Rant, Godzilla-Thon

Day 133: Godzilla VS Destroyah

Holy shit, we’re already at the end of the Heisei era. I forgot it was this short.

Well, I guess it’s time to talk about what may be the best film in the Heisei period (although Space-Godzilla was a close competitor): Godzilla VS Destroyah.

This movie does a lot of cool things that I really like. For one, it goes wild with the story, since it is the grand finale of Godzilla (at least of this era). And I’m not talking about the plot: I’m talking about how Godzilla himself ends.

See, it’s no mystery that Godzilla is a giant ball of radioactivity. His main attack is the Atomic Breath, for god’s sake. But aside from that and his deadly nuclear aura, the films never really did anything else with it. Until here, that is, where they reveal that Godzilla’s heart, due to the numerous mutations the monster has undergone, is in fact a nuclear reactor.

And it’s gone critical. Meaning that Godzilla isn’t just dealing with the other monster in this movie: he’s dealing with a countdown against his own life. This adds a new level of tension to the film and makes it all the more exciting.

Plus, Burning Godzilla looks rad as hell.

You know who else is rad as hell? Destroyah.


This is easily one of the coolest and most frightening designs in the history of the franchise. And it’s fitting, considering how threatening he is. Not only does he take on Godzilla, but he also straight up kills Godzilla Junior.

Y’know, this guy. But all grown up.


The ending is also something the franchise has never done before. Instead of just ending with Godzilla either dying or going back to the ocean, this one decides to go for a ‘passing of the torch’ style ending.

Y’know how I just said Destroyah murdered Godzilla Junior? Well, he doesn’t exactly stay dead. Godzilla, upon his heart beginning the meltdown, somehow transfers his life-force, the same way Fire-Rodan did for him in Mechagodzilla 2, to his son in order to both revive him and prevent a catastrophic explosion.

Okay, I’m pretty sure he only did the latter on accident but he did it nonetheless.

The movie ends with Godzilla Junior finally evolving to become a fully grown Godzilla, thus leaving the Heisei era on a somber but hopeful final note.

Unless you’re a human. In which case, congratulations! You get to deal with another Godzilla! Have fun!

This movie kicks ass! It’s an excellent ending, it does a lot of cool and unique things with both the characters and the story, and it had some of the most amazing designs in the entire series! If you love the Godzilla series, go check this one out! I assure you, you won’t regret it!

The next movie we need to talk about, on the other hand…

Please don’t make me talk about it…

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