ARCHIVE Day 8: The DLC Rant

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This joke will never get old, I swear.

Twas on the Eighth day that Jonah finally decided to talk about something truly important. Not some boring stories from his boring life, or pointless rambles cursing Konami. But something truly important, something that will contribute to the survival and evolution of the human race.

DLC, or for the uninitiated, Downloadable Content, and the lootbox.

DLC has been a big part of gaming for many years now. From small DLC, such as the addition of new weapons and armor, to bigger DLC like small extra story segments, to the biggest DLC of all: full on expansions that can nearly double the content of the game. Good additions such as these can greatly add to the lifespan of the game and push a game from good to great.

However, not all DLC is there to improve. As long as there has been extra content, publishers have been trying to find ways to bleed players of their money. From the horse armor of Elder Scrolls lV: Oblivion to the true ending of Asura’s Wrath, and of course the most recent example of Metal Gear Survive selling save slots for $10, there are too many examples of malicious DLC to count.

Now, DLC is not always bad. If the game itself feels complete and worth the price tag, DLC is very welcome. From World of Warcraft’s many expansions to Breath of the Wild’s season pass, good DLC is often more popular than the base game itself.

But recently, DLC has evolved. It has taken a far more controversal and malicious form. Every day, this new form leaks more and more money from clueless gamers across the globe.

Loot boxes.

We all know what they are. Little boxes full of stuff that you buy with special currency (which you buy with real money). These can be full of things like alternate skins to titles to super powerful weaponry. It depends on the game, really.

Because of these boxes, an all new title has come to the forefront for modern gaming: ‘Pay to Win’. From mobile games like Hearthstone to big budget titles like last year’s Destiny 2 and EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 (sigh), these games exist practically for the sole purpose of taking your cash.

Now, there is the arguement for cosmetic only lootboxes. ‘It’s only alternate skins’. ‘They dont affect the gameplay’. I despise these arguements. If something’s part of the game, it’s affecting the gameplay. End of story.

A lot of people don’t realize that games are similar to clocks. Without one piece, everything else falls apart. Graphics, music, story, controls, and the gameplay all work in tandum to make a game. If one aspect is shit, it affects the rest. An aspect such as the lootbox.

I dunno. In retrospect, this whole post was kind of pointless. But it feels good to get my feelings on the subject out there.

At least before lootboxes get banned by the government.

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.

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