Day 129: Godzilla VS Ghidorah


Did you ever want time travel in your Godzilla? No?

Well too bad you’re getting it anyways and it’s awesome!

Don’t get me wrong though. The story in this movie is trash. It has so many god damn plot holes that it looks more like a slice of Swiss cheese than a complete delicious sandwich.

I don’t know what that analogy was. Aside from bad.

Anyways, I think I’ve made it clear that these aren’t reviews. If they were, these wouldn’t be daily (ignoring the break we took while moving onto the new site). The only one that we’re going to review in-depth is the latest film, Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle.

But we’ll talk about that fun hot mess when we get there.

Here, we’re gonna talk about the one thing in this movie that stood out the most to me. The thing that I wish returned far more often in the series. That being…



So what sets this guy apart? Why do I think he’s super fucking cool?

Simple. He’s not just a robot replica of Ghidorah built to defeat Godzilla. He is the corpse of Ghidorah, rebuilt and upgraded in order to fight Godzilla! The humans took the dead body of one of the most powerful monsters in the series and turns him into a giant anti-kaiju weapon!

That’s awesome, plain and simple!

I feel like I’ve made it perfectly clear where I stand with this series. If something is stupid and fun, I can forgive a mediocre or bad movie. Because to me, Godzilla is at it’s best when it does one of two things. One, it takes the monster of Godzilla seriously and create a genuinely interesting story reflecting human destruction and desperation. Or two…

They go all-in and make it completely stupid. In these movies, they say ‘Fuck it, let’s make this a blast!’ and just make a really fun and cheesy movie. These are the ones people are most familiar with, and for good reason. Simple and stupid fun can last just as long as something genuinely fantastic and thought provoking.

Why do you think I’m so excited for Space-Godzilla?

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