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  • Tadashi Yamaguchi: Karasuno’s Spear

    Tadashi Yamaguchi: Karasuno’s Spear

    Haikyu!! is back and so am I. Anime loves to present the audience with extraordinary characters. People who can achieve the greatest of feats, despite the odds being stacked against them. They take that one special trait that they started with, be it some kind of special ability or talent or just sheer determination, and […]

  • Haikyu!! Manga: End of an Era

    Haikyu!! Manga: End of an Era

    Why is it that I always catch up to shows and their manga right as they’re about to end? Am I legit the last person to hop onto bandwagons? I’m honestly scared to read any more of One Piece, lest that one finally ends too! Ah, who am I kidding? One Piece ain’t ever ending. […]

  • Kei Tsukishima: Karasuno’s Moon

    Kei Tsukishima: Karasuno’s Moon

    SPOILERS!! Go watch/read Haikyu!! if you haven’t already. I’m about to ruin one of the coolest parts in this article! You’ve been warned!! Yes. I’m back to Haikyu!! and before you ask, no. It probably won’t be the last time. Tsukishima is one of the most interesting members of the Haikyu!! cast. Initially, he seems […]

  • Why Hinata Shoyo is the Best Shounen Protagonist

    Why Hinata Shoyo is the Best Shounen Protagonist

    When it comes to Shounen protagonists, they’re all pretty cookie-cutter. Just take Goku’s personality, come up with a different but distinct design and power set, and you’re pretty much done. Luffy, Naruto, Tanjiro, all of these characters are similar in many ways. Haikyu!!’s Hinata Shoyo is yet another of these characters. He’s a friendly kid […]

  • Haikyu!!: Making Volleyball Cool For Weebs

    Haikyu!!: Making Volleyball Cool For Weebs

    Let’s be honest: how many Haikyu!! fans actually care about volleyball? I doubt the number is all that high. Granted, if I’ve learned anything over the last two years, it’s that I’m very often wrong. For years, I never understood the hype behind this show. I mean, come on! It’s a show about volleyball! Sure, […]