• ARCHIVE Day 50: Holy Shit

    Original Release: 4/17/18 Fifty days. It’s been fifty days since I’ve gotten started on this blog. That may not seem like a huge milestone, but it is to me. That’s fifty days in which I’ve actually put dedication into something. Normally at this point, I’d have quit and moved on to something else in my […]

  • Day 173: Shovel Knight Review

    Day 173: Shovel Knight Review

    With the King of Cards and Showdown expansions coming out this week, I figured now would be a good time to reflect on the three prior campaigns of Shovel Knight. I love this game. Each level is challenging, full of charm, and a ton of fun to play. Every boss is memorable, with the perfect blend of […]

  • ARCHIVE Day 49: Perspective

    ARCHIVE Day 49: Perspective

    Original Release: 4/16/18 One of the most important aspects of a story is the villain. Every story has a villain. Deku has to fight Shigurake. Luke must confront Darth Vader. I have to deal with a pair of shitty roommates. But what makes a good villain? Perspective. The very existence of good and evil is […]

  • Day 172: The Predator Franchise

    Day 172: The Predator Franchise

    Well, since that new Predator movie premiers in two weeks, I figured now would be a good time to ask a question that’s been plaguing my mind for years. Who the hell keeps asking for new Predator movies? Let’s be real, the only good Predator movie was the first one. It’s a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick, […]

  • My Review Academia S3 E21: The End of the Exam

    My Review Academia S3 E21: The End of the Exam

    Holy balls, this cliffhanger is the most killer the show has ever presented. Aside from one minor issue, I thought this episode was fantastic. We got some intense action, some good character moments (especially for Todoroki and Inasa the Wind Boy) and a simple but interesting backstory. Also, to briefly reiterate: that cliffhanger. Jesus, it actually […]