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  • Netflix’s Witcher Series Screwed the Pooch

    Netflix’s Witcher Series Screwed the Pooch

    Season one of the Witcher show was far from a masterpiece. Even still, it was a solid bit of fantasy television. It adapted the first book in the series, ‘The Last Wish’, while bringing plenty of new stuff to the table. In the end, it was a decent enough show that I enjoyed quite a […]

  • Season of Storms: The Video Game Quest

    Okay. I have loved every single Witcher book. I’ve had my issues, of course. But it’s still become one of my favorite fantasy series. One that I’m eager to revisit at some point. But this one? No thanks. I’ll pass. Season of Storms is completely separate from the plotlines of all the other Witcher books, […]

  • Geralt of Rivia: How the Setting Can Define a Character

    *Note: this will be focused exclusively on the books, not the games. Game Geralt is a similar but different beast. Maybe we’ll get to him later, I dunno. Also, spoilers.* In case you haven’t noticed, I’m quite fond of the Witcher series. I have differing thoughts on the games and the show was alright, but […]

  • The Lady of the Lake: The Moment of Destiny

    Here we are. At the end at last. The final Witcher book (not counting Season of Storms, which we’ll get to soon enough). It’s been a wild ride. Let’s hope it sticks the landing. All the pieces are set for the grand finale. Ciri has found her way to the land of the ancient elves, […]

  • The Tower of Swallows: What is happening?

    Brain hurty, help me. I’ve loved this series so far. But I’m not gonna lie: this is the first Witcher book that I had a hard time getting through. It turned it around eventually, with one of the stronger endings in the series! But the journey to that ending was a confusing, convoluted one! The […]